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Targeted Online Advertising

Through targeted online advertising, we send messages to customers interested in the books. The better your brand demonstrates that it understands what the customers want, the more likely customers respond to your advertisement and engage with your brand. There’s no room for generic ads as we create customized targeted ads based on specific customer interests.

Book Description & Metadata Optimization

Your book’s description comprises metadata-optimized terms, such as author name, ISBN, publisher, genre, book title, and price, author bio, book cover, book description, publication date, quotes, target audience, and reviews for search engines to rank top as well as get noticed by the potential readers. With your book metadata, your readers can search across various platforms including Amazon, Google, Kindle Store, and other online bookstores.

Engaging Social Media Campaigns

You can’t just launch your book and expect to sell 1,000,000 copies in months without marketing campaigns. For that, you have to connect and engage with your target audience through social media platforms. Therefore, our marketing team strategizes a content calendar to build your author identity, create awareness for your book, and build excitement in your audience.

Influencer Partnerships & Book Reviews

With influencer partnerships and positive reviews, your book’s credibility is improved through authentic endorsements. With collaboration, you can leverage your reach while creating brand awareness and building a loyal fan base.

Author Branding & Online Presence

By promoting your books through a website, as an author, you can connect with a wider audience and increase your sales. A website can also help you establish credibility and professionalism. Hence, a well-designed website with high-quality content would build a positive impression on readers.

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As a dedicated book publishing hub, we not only publish your book but ensure to

Idea Innovation

We provide our clients with new ideas and strategies to scale the growth of their brand, hence ultimately leading to generating revenue. Our knowledge about the industry gives a new perspective to our clients.

Experienced Team

It is a known fact that experience and expertise are intertwined and are one of the significant factors leading a project to achieve its goals. Therefore, we assign a dedicated marketer and account manager to every client.


Collaborating with our marketing team would spare your time and resources on planning and executing marketing strategies. You decide how your brand should look and we delegate our marketing team to execute the relevant strategies.

Measurable Results

Marketing without measurable outcomes is like driving to a destination without a map; hence encountering challenges. We believe effective marketing provides valuable and quantifiable insights to ensure progress.

Mark Your Territory In The Publishing World

Publishing is the stepping stone, while marketing is the sharp-edged arrow targeted to become the best-seller.

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