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Editing To Your Narrative

Our editing goes beyond ordinary corrections; it’s about infusing clarity, and etching the channel of communicating your concept with utmost precision.

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Redefining Your Narrative’s Impact

Our team of editors examines every facet of your narrative to improve the structure and style while maintaining the essence. We’re not just redefining your narrative but elevating it to quench the thirst dwelling in your reader’s heart.

Adding The Spark Of Proofreading

Definitely overlooked errors are distracting and a red flag for readers! With proofreading, we aim to improve the quality of your narrative, ensuring there are no lingering mistakes, generalized discourse errors, or writing inconsistencies. Essentially, we ensure that you have well-defined communication with your audience through your concepts. Having well-written content boosts your authority and protects your reputation as someone knowledgeable about the subject matter.

Here’s what we are careful about when proofreading your content:
  • Punctuation
  • Verb tense
  • Misspellings
  • Grammar issues
  • Capitalization

Adding The Spark Of Copy Editing

Our copy editors enhance your narrative’s quality and readability by checking for factual inaccuracies and errors related to punctuation, spelling, and grammar. As stated by The Chicago Manual of Style, your manuscript is processed through simple mechanical corrections.

  • Story elements consistency (plot, setting, characters, etc.)
  • Spelling, grammar, and syntax errors
  • Missing words
  • Writing style consistency
  • Vague and inaccurate statements
  • Any mistakes you may have overlooked

Adding The Spark Of Line Editing

It’s also associated with “bigger picture edit”. Instead of fixing syntax (punctuation, grammar, and spelling), our editors check each sentence that can be modified for readability, clarity of phrasing, a better presentation of ideas, and improved word choice. It’s all about sharpening the elements that can be either altered or eliminated.

  • Run-on sentences and unnecessary/overused words
  • Information redundancies
  • Shifts in tone
  • Unnatural/inconsistent phrasing
  • Confusing narrative and character dialogue
  • Pacing improvements
  • Overall story communication

Building Bridges Through Publishing Excellence

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Our Umbrella Of Publishing Services

Incorporating the factor of diversity, we publish every genre without layering the confined concrete boundaries. From editing your manuscript to designing your book cover, our team ensures your book is not merely compliant with the publishing regulations but appealing too.

  • Full Evaluation Edit
  • Proofreading
  • Book Cover Design
  • Interior Layout
  • Distribution And Royalty Setup
  • eBook Creation and Distribution
  • Paperback Distribution
  • Optional Hardcover Printing & Management
  • Copyrighting And Cataloging
  • Publishing Imprint Creation
  • Author Marketing Materials
  • Graphic Inclusion

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