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As a new author, reaching and connecting with the audience can become difficult. Hence, we weave your literary dreams by assisting with editing to publishing process. There’s no magic portion but our team’s dedication and commitment to serve you better.

Research, Publish & Connect In
This Digital Era Through eBooks

In today's digital age, the process of engaging with readers revolves around the dynamic triangle of research, publication, and connection – standing at the forefront of this literary revolution. Our approach involves thorough research into your target audience, delving deep into demographics, preferences, and trends. This knowledge lays the foundation upon which we create a strategy for choosing the right publishing platform.

By aligning your eBook with the preferences of your target audience, we ensure that your words find their home in a space where they can thrive. Therefore, the digital landscape offers publishing platforms, each with its unique traits, opting for the one that best complements your book's genre and audience. Nonetheless, this interconnected approach transcends the traditional reading experience into a dynamic and immersive journey, fostering a deeper connection between the author and the audience.

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Hachette Publication has published over 12,000 eBooks and audiobooks on various prestigious publishing platforms, including Amazon, Kobo, Lulu, Barnes & Noble and many more. Explore our portfolio and learn more about our expertise.

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Our Umbrella Of Publishing Services

Incorporating the factor of diversity, we publish every genre without layering the confined concrete boundaries. From editing your manuscript to designing your book cover, our team ensures your book is not merely compliant with the publishing regulations but appealing too.

  • Full Evaluation Edit
  • Proofreading
  • Book Cover Design
  • Interior Layout
  • Distribution And Royalty Setup
  • eBook Creation and Distribution
  • Paperback Distribution
  • Optional Hardcover Printing & Management
  • Copyrighting And Cataloging
  • Publishing Imprint Creation
  • Author Marketing Materials
  • Graphic Inclusion

Let Us Publish Your Book On Different Platforms!

Add Value To Your Publishing Process

Beyond traditional book publishing services, our agency offers other services that enrich your literary experience, ultimately gaining the position and soaring sales.

  • Audiobooks

    Audiobooks enhance the happiness and health of the readers, creating an engaging source for children and senior citizens. If your book is for the subsequent target audience, it can be reminiscent of being read to them.

  • Video Book Trailer

    In other words, it's a synopsis that highlights your narrative. Our team creates the trailer for your book that doesn’t give away too many details yet dwells the seed of curiosity.

  • Authors Profile:

    Building an author profile will demonstrate valuable content about you, your work, experience values, and beliefs. Our team sets the theme of your website that precisely depicts your conceptual framework.

  • eBook Conversion:

    Do you have a completed manuscript, and seeking to convert it into an eBook? Our professionals ensure to create an eBook to reach your marketing objective and enhance your relationship with your audience.

  • Book Cover Design

    No matter the genre of your book, if it’s not appealing enough to attract the readers to even read the synopsis of it, then you are missing out on the sparkling sales figure.

What Should You Expect During Our Book Publishing Process?

A book publishing process can be confusing; therefore, we have carved a pathway for you to have an insight into every phase.

Contact Our Team

Our project managers collect all the necessary information required to ease your book publishing process.


Evaluation & Analysis

We evaluate your given information and analyze the possible prospects that could assist your book publishing effectively.


Editor’s Approval

Once we receive your manuscript, our editors ensure to make it error-free and incorporate any further feedback on the edited document.


Proofreader Approval

After your approval of the edited document, our proofreaders ensure to review the manuscript to comply with the publishing regulations.


Publishing Junction

Our publishing agents ensure that your book receives the exposure it deserves. Hence, they strategically publish on the desired platform.


Post-publishing Marketing

Publishing doesn’t make you a best-seller. Therefore, our team suggests marketing strategies that would boost sales.


Mark Your Territory In The Publishing World

Publishing is the stepping stone, while marketing is the sharp-edged arrow targeted to become the best-seller.

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